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Kidney Stones

Post-SWL Patient Instructions

Your stone has been fragmented into many tiny pieces which must now pass in your urine. Usually this process is uneventful. Most fragments pass in the first one or two weeks, but some may continue to pass for three months or longer. Some pain or discomfort may accompany the passage of these fragments. 

1. To aid in the passage of fragments, drink lots of fluids. Aim for one glass per hour for the next 1-2 weeks (2 quarts or more a day). Most stone patients will benefit from a continued high fluid intake and urine output indefinitely, even after the fragments are gone. This helps prevent new stone formations.

2. Strain your urine. Take the stone fragments to your urologist. He will have them analyzed to help determine the cause of your stone(s). 

3. You should walk around and resume everyday activities. Activity may help the stone fragments to pass. You should, however, avoid sports or really strenuous exercise for about a week, or at least until there is no more blood in your urine.

4. Check with your urologist to see if you may resume your regular medications and diet. 

5. Call your urologist if you are experiencing any lithotripsy related medical problems such as: 
            Persistent severe flank pain not relieved by pain medications 
            Fever (over 100°F). 
            Persistent headache or vomiting. 
            Bright red blood in urine, bright red, for more than 48 hours. 

6. Do not take aspirin, ibuprofen, Motrin, Advil, Alleve, or any other anti-coagulating medication for 48 hours following lithotripsy. 

7. Schedule a follow-up visit with your urologist.

8.Apply a cold pack to entrance/exit site of showckwave treatment. 

9. If you wish, take a hot bath to ease back tenderness from the shockwaves.