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Kidney Stones

BAP provides through service agreements with area facilities a highly trained technologist and the technology known as Shock Wave Lithotripsy (SWL). The equipment we provide for SWL includes the HTM LithoDiamond, the Dornier Compact Delta System, the Dornier Compact Sigma System, and the Edap Sonolith i-Move System. These are table-top units which are transported into a facility’s treatment room.  Fluoroscopy and Ultrasound (either can be used to locate the stone) are available. The urologist will choose the lithotripter and location system best suited for the patient depending upon the location, size and type of  stone and the age, health and size of the patient.  General anesthesia, I.V. Sedation or twilight sleep is delivered by the facility’s anesthesia personnel as needed to maintain patient comfort throughout the procedure. The urologist along with the patient and anesthesiologist will choose the anesthesia modality.

We also provide Transurethral Microwave Thermotherapy (TUMT) for the treatment of enlarged benign prostate in the comfort of the urologist’s office using Boston Scientific’s Prolieve, AMS’ TherMatrx or Urologix’s CoolWave system.